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Thoughts on the PASS Summit 2012 Day 1 Keynote

Normally I’d rush to blog about the announcements made in the keynotes each day at the PASS Summit, but this year I had a session to deliver immediately afterwards and once I’d done that I saw Marco had beaten me to it! So, if you want the details on what was announced in today’s keynote I’d advise you to read his post here:

I can’t not comment on some of these announcements though, so here (in no particular order) are some things that occurred to me:

  • The first public sighting of Power View on Multidimensional raised the biggest cheer of the morning, which surprised even me – I didn’t realise there were so many SSAS fans in the audience. I’m certainly very pleased to see it, even if it isn’t shipping right now (it’s not in SP1 either). Part of why I’m pleased is that all too often Microsoft BI has been good at building amazing new products but then forgetting about the migration path for its existing customers: think of the Proclarity debacle, and more recently I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the abandonment of Report Models. I suspect this is because Microsoft is not like most other software companies in that it doesn’t do much direct selling itself, but lets partners do the selling for it, and when partners get stick from customers over issues like Proclarity migration then the partners have no leverage over Microsoft to make it deal with the problem. Power View on Multidimensional is a welcome exception to this pattern, and I’d like to see more consideration given to this issue in the future even if it comes at the expense of developing cool new features.
  • The PDW V2 news is interesting too. It was clearly stated that Polybase will, initially allow TSQL to query data in Hadoop but that other data sources might be supported in the future. I wonder what they will be? DAX/Tabular perhaps? Or something more exotic – wouldn’t it be cool if you could query the Facebook graph or Twitter or even Bing directly from TSQL? I’m probably letting my imagination run away with me now…
  • The other thing that popped into my mind when hearing about Polybase was that it might be possible, one day, to use SSAS Tabular in DirectQuery mode on top of PDW/Polybase to query data in Hadoop interactively. I know Hadoop isn’t really designed for the kind of response times that SSAS users expect but I’d still like to try it.
  • It hardly seems worth repeating the fact that Mobile BI is very, very late but again it was good to get some details on what is coming. As partners we can deal with the criticism we get from customers and plan better if we have some idea of what will be delivered and the timescales involved, something that has been conspicuously lacking with Mobile BI up to today. To use a current phrase, Microsoft and its partners are “all in this together”, so please, Microsoft, let us help you!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the PASS Summit 2012 Day 1 Keynote

  1. “…Mobile BI is very, very late…”
    very late indeed, did I read June 2013? …insane…

    Having said that, I would say that in *reality* mobile BI is a little bit “over-hyped”, and most users would rather benefit from a better overall laptop/desktop data intelligence platform than knowing that their CEO literally “plays” with their company KPIs on his ipad/surface, unfortunately *perception* still drives most of the buying process 🙂

    But that’s me, I’m not usually very sensitive to bells & whistles anyway…


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    Anil Maharajn says:

    Hi Chris,
    Great to know about these Summit 2012 keynotes. And I like what you say’s
    “it be cool if you could query the Facebook graph or Twitter or even Bing directly from TSQL?”
    Really looking forward to see these kinds of upcoming project by Microsoft SQL Server Team.

    Anil Maharjan

  3. “I didn’t realise there were so many SSAS fans in the audience.”
    Thats something really nice to hear.
    Powerview with Multidimensional model is a welcome addition..

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