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PASS Summit 2012 Schedule (and the first bit of juicy gossip!)

I’ve now arrived in Seattle for the PASS Summit 2012, and as always I’m looking forward to a busy week. There are a few things I wanted to highlight:

  • There are always a few big announcements at PASS, and while I’ll be blogging every day you’ll hear the news first if you follow me on Twitter – I’m @Technitrain. For example I’ve just noticed a session on “Using Power View with Multidimensional Models” on the schedule which means, I suspect, that the long-promised support for Power View over SSAS Multidimensional, via DAX queries, will be announced this week!
  • I’m doing a session on “What’s New in SSAS 2012?” (BIA-303) on Wednesday morning at 10:15am. Unfortunately, the printed schedule and summit guide booklet have the wrong session title and/or abstract at the moment; the session details online are correct. This means that contrary to what you might see in some places I will not be doing a pure SSAS Multidimensional session;  there will be about 15-20 minutes of 2012 Multidimensional content (I’d struggle to fill more than that) and the rest will cover terminology, Tabular, and choosing between Tabular and Multidimensional.
  • I’m doing a book signing with Marco and Alberto for our new book “SQL Server Analysis Services 2012: The BISM Tabular Model” on Thursday lunchtime from 12:00pm to 12:30pm at the Summit bookstore.
  • I’m doing a second session on “The Best Microsoft BI Tools You’ve Never Heard Of!” (BI-202) on Thursday at 1:30pm. This will be a fun session showing how you can use tools like NodeXL and Layerscape alongside PowerPivot for BI purposes; and yes, I know, if you’re a regular reader of my blog you will have heard of these tools… but hopefully you’ll find it enjoyable nonetheless.

If you see me wandering around at any point, feel free to say hello! I’m quite friendly and I won’t bite. I might be a bit jet-lagged though – I’m wide awake at 4:45am right now…

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