SQLBits III – Registration Now Open!

Registration for SQLBits III, to be held at Hatfield in the UK on September 13th, is now open! SQLBits is the UK’s finest SQL Server technical conference, and it’s 100% free to attend too. Take a look at:
…to see what we’ve got lined up. We’ve had an amazing 63 session submissions this time (the BI track is the strongest yet, in my opinion) so we’re asking everyone who registers to vote on the sessions they’d like to see. We’re also running a competition to design a logo for the day too, and you can vote on the logos here:
There are also SQLBits groups on Facebook and LinkedIn if you’d like to keep in touch with other people who are going or share photos etc. And as I’ve said before, we’d still like to talk to any companies who are interested in sponsoring the event.

Incidentally, Hatfield is just north of London and right next to Luton airport, so it’s very easy to get to if you’re coming from Europe. Why not pop over on Easyjet, and let your significant other go shopping in London for the day while you enjoy the conference?

One other thing to mention is that we’re having a training day at the same venue the day before, September 12th. There are a number of reasonably-priced one-day seminars on SQL Server related subjects to choose from:
…including, as you can see, an introduction to SQL Server BI called ‘Making the most of data through business intelligence’ run by me and Allan Mitchell (SSIS MVP and one of the guys behind If you know a DBA, business analyst or manager who wants to learn more about BI then it’s the ideal way to get them out of the office for the day – just tell them it’s a trip to see Mitchell and Webb perform live.

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