Last night’s BI evening event

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who attended last night’s BI evening event at TVP, especially to Jes Kirkup of TAH (TAH also very kindly provided the beer and pizza during the break, which I’m very grateful for) and Jeremy Kashel of Adatis. I’ve asked them both to post their slides up on the web so once they’ve done that I’ll post the links here.

I promise that it won’t be quite so long before we have another event at TVP – I’ll try to do a better job of alternating between central London and TVP because I know we get a completely different group of people at each venue.

UPDATE: You can get hold of Jeremy Kashel’s slides on "PEL vs MDX" here –

UPDATE #2: You can get hold of Jes Kirkup’s slides, along with a detailed write up of what he presented, on his new blog:!55BF48702D38E629!167.entry!55BF48702D38E629!169.entry

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