Colour Names Supported In Power BI Conditional Formatting

When I read about the new conditional formatting by values feature in the August 2018 release of Power BI Desktop, my first thought was to write a blog post on how DAX can  be used to generate the hex values for colours – but then Daniil Masyluk wrote an excellent post on that (and more) yesterday. I then got curious about what colour names are supported when you use a text name rather than a hex code, and Amanda Cofsky of the dev team told me that the official list is the one here:

…although there are other names that might work, assuming they don’t contain punctuation. I loaded that list into Power BI and built the following report:


I’ve certainly learnt a few new colour names from this!

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  2. I have just tried Emerald and Erin and they are not working as expected. haven’t tried rest, wondering if most of them will work except standard colors such as green, blue etc..

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