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Kalido Universal Information Director now generates Analysis Services cubes

Here’s the press release from Kalido:

I don’t have any direct experience with Kalido’s products (although I’ve heard good things) but I’d be interested to see the cubes it generates. I wonder to what extent it’s possible to optimise automatically generated cubes?

2 thoughts on “Kalido Universal Information Director now generates Analysis Services cubes

  1. Hi Chris,
    Kalido generates SSAS cubes against an underlying star or snowflake schema that is fully time variant, but has 2 further levels of optimization.  The first is where any number of time-variant views can be set (e.g. current org chart, version of the product hierarchies as at 1/1/2008, and geography hierarchies as at the time of each transaction summarized).  These views can be materialized and separately indexed, or may be defined via a relational view.  Then it os possible to manually configure the cube (even though Kalido will manage changes to the underlying schema without disturbing the customizations made manually to any cubes generated).
    hope this helps shed some light on the link between Kalido and SSAS…

  2. Hi Cliff,
    Thanks, this is useful. I wasn\’t thinking about the optimisation of the underlying relational structures, more of the optimisation of the cube itself – things like attribute relationships, aggregations, partitioning and that sort of thing. I\’m not sure how much of that you\’d be able to do automatically – at least some of it would have to be done manually.

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