Podcast #1: Nigel Pendse

A while ago I decided that it would be cool to jump on the podcasting bandwagon, and here’s my first attempt. I was very lucky to get Nigel Pendse to chat with me about the impact that SQL2005/AS2005 will have on the BI market as a whole; if you don’t know who Nigel is he’s the man behind the OLAP Report and the OLAP Survey, both of which are great sources of competitive intelligence if you’re a software vendor or consultancy, and also a very popular speaker at conferences and seminars. He has a lot of interesting and intelligent observations to make in my opinion.


Anyway, here’s where to get the podcast (it’s about 25 minutes long and in mp3 form):


Apologies for the rather amateurish production…


If you think this is a worthwhile undertaking, I’ll start thinking of people to ask to interview for future podcasts. Let me know what you think!


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