I’m Joining Microsoft

I have an announcement: tomorrow (Monday June 3rd) I’m starting a new job on the Power BI CAT team at Microsoft. It won’t affect what happens here on my blog, but I wanted to write this post because so many people have asked me why I’m making this move.

First and foremost the job at Microsoft offers some exciting new challenges for me that I wouldn’t get as a self-employed person. I’ll get to work on some of the biggest, most complex Power BI implementations in the world, provide feedback to the Power BI development team, and still be able to speak at conferences and do many of the other things I love doing now. I’ll also have the pleasure of working with a truly stellar bunch of colleagues who I know I’ll learn a lot from. And of course, what better product to work on than Power BI and what better tech company to work for nowadays than Microsoft? Power BI is going from strength to strength and I want to make a direct contribution to its future success.

What’s more the offer from Microsoft came at a time when I was getting a bit bored with the work I’ve been doing. If you do any job for long enough it gets repetitive and in my case after thirteen years (over a quarter of my life!) of running my own company I felt like I needed a change. Also, as I have made the shift from being a SSAS/MDX guy to being a Power BI guy I’ve been doing less and less technical consultancy and more and more training, mostly in the form of introductory Power BI courses. I enjoy training, I’d like to think I’m fairly good at it and it has proved very lucrative indeed – I just don’t want to be a full-time trainer, teaching the same material week after week.

Training and consultancy also involve a lot of travel. Over the last few years I’ve averaged more than ten nights per month in hotels and on top of that there were many nights when I got home late after a long journey back from a customer site. My wife has been very supportive and it’s all my kids have ever known, but it’s tiring and I want to spend more time with my family before my kids grow up and leave home. I’ve been to some interesting places on business I would never have been to otherwise and worked with some great companies, so yes, I have enjoyed myself. Business travel is nowhere near as glamorous or thrilling as it may seem, though, and I’m happy that I’ll be doing less of it. There’s also the risk that Brexit (if and when and how it ever happens) will stop me from working in Europe as easily as I have done in the past, so travelling as much might not even have been an option going forward.

Being self-employed has been a great experience and it’s something I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of doing it. I’m immensely grateful to all my customers, business partners and fellow members of the SQL and Power BI communities for making Crossjoin Consulting so successful. However it’s time for me to move on and try something new. Wish me luck! I’ll be back to blogging about Power BI, Power Query, SSAS, DAX and M next week.

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  1. You are something special
    A great combination of a smart guy with a wonderful personality. It was supposed to happen long time ago
    As MSFT was always home
    For you

    Good luck !

  2. Chris: Congratulations on your new job at Microsoft! And good luck! Hope you enjoy it. Cheers! -One of Your Grateful Students

  3. Congratulations and all best wishes in your new job! I’m sure you’ll be a big asset to Microsoft. Thanks for being a superlative teacher!

  4. Congratulations, You will add the knowledge to get the next level of Power BI

  5. Congratulation.
    It is a good news, that I may have helped (who knows?) :


    “f any people in charge of M from MS reads this forum, I would strongly suggest that he considers having a contract with Chris Webb to make him develop the M official documentation.”

  6. Congrats Chris, sounds like you chose wisely for all the right reasons, I wish you all the best!

  7. Great news Chris! As an avid Power BI user and fan, I’m delighted that they have someone like you on their team. I’m even more looking forward to many more insightful, useful blogs from you now.

  8. Congratulations! Wish you all the best, know you will make a very positive contribution!

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  10. Happy to hear that *you* will have a direct impact on power bi! Good luck on the new challenges and looking forward to reading your next posts!

  11. This can only be a good thing for Power BI moving forward–CONGRATS, THANK YOU, and BEST OF LUCK!!

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  13. Great news – congratulations Chris. The expansion of the Power BI Team with true experts like you is a great sign of Microsoft’s continued investment in this awesome product.

    Will you be taking over voicing the monthly Power BI Desktop updates video? 🙂

  14. Congrats Chris and all the very best.

    Do see if you can get MS to show some love to the neglected BI components in Excel

  15. Congratulations Chris. Microsoft will definitely benefit from your skills.
    See you on stage.

  16. Congrats Chris! Power BI is an amazing product and you will help it become even better. I actually just emailed you a separate question – but guess you’re not consulting anymore!

  17. I am not happy about your decision but I wish you all the best 🙂
    I hope we can find another Consultant who has the skills that you have.

    Best Regards From Frankfurt!


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