SQLDay09 Belgium Videos Online

I recently had the pleasure of going to Belgium for the Belgian SQL Server User Group’s annual conference, and I’ve just heard that the videos for the sessions have now been posted online. You can see a complete list here:

I did two sessions: "Designing Effective Aggregations in Analysis Services 2008” and “Introduction to PowerPivot”. The aggregations session was the same one I did at PASS Europe and PASS USA and even though it was the third time I’d done it I still managed to mess up the timing and had to skip over the last few slides in double-quick time, hohum. Luckily they’re not all that important and I managed to cover the main points. Here’s that presentation:

The PowerPivot session was the closing keynote, and as well as do all the normal demos it gave me the opportunity to vent my positive and negative emotions about it (I’d like to stress that I was in general positive). I suspect I might have gone on a bit too long about that side of things initially so apologies for that… Here’s the link:

With a bit of luck the videos for SQLBits will be online soon too.

8 thoughts on “SQLDay09 Belgium Videos Online

  1. Hi Chris,Great presenations, i was there with some clients and especially the aggregations was helpful, we cut a few seconds from our execution time the next day :)Kasper

  2. Chris, top-notch presentations as always, thank you for posting the links.By the way, have you figured out why the custom agg design demo had not come out as expected?

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