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SSASDiag: A Tool To Help Diagnose Analysis Services Problems

There are a lot of great community-developed tools out there for Analysis Services developers to use (BI Developer Extensions, DAX Studio, Tabular Editor, Analysis Services Query Analyzer to name a few) and they have saved me vast amounts of time and effort over the years. When I joined Microsoft last month I came across one which I had never seen before but which is nevertheless quite mature and feature-rich: the SSAS Diagnostics Tool or SSASDiag for short. It’s available on GitHub here:

…and you can read the documentation here:—Analysis


It’s an open source tool developed by the people who support Analysis Services here at Microsoft and is intended to help them collect and analyse the information they need to troubleshoot on-premises SSAS  issues, but it’s available for anyone to use. I haven’t had a chance to take a proper look at it yet myself, unfortunately, but I thought it would be interesting for any SSAS fans out there to check out.

[Thanks to Jon Burchel for providing all the background information for this post]

5 thoughts on “SSASDiag: A Tool To Help Diagnose Analysis Services Problems

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  2. Chris, would this be a good tool to start with a look at a server that’s new to you to see what might be going on with it? Trying to get a good starting point to look at some new-to-me tabular setups to make sure nothing is wildly off. I’m working through the older 2012 whitepaper, but curious what others do. Checking this out now and not sure how it escaped my attention for so long.

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