Paginated Report Bear And The Future Of Analysis Services Multidimensional

“Who, or what, is Paginated Report Bear?” I hear you ask. Well, he’s the breakout social media star of 2019, a furry YouTube sensation whose incisive interviews of members of the Power BI development team have become renowned for their deep technical content and insights into the Power BI roadmap. If you’re not watching his videos on YouTube, you’re missing out. Guy In A Cube is so 2018.

Paginated Report Bear

[That’s me on the left and Paginated Report Bear on the right]

Anyway, one question I am asked all the time is what the future holds for Analysis Services Multidimensional. While there is no firm news on what’s happening here, two of Paginated Report Bear’s recent interviews have discussed this topic and are particularly revealing. If you’re an SSAS MD and MDX fan I strongly recommend you watch the interviews with Josh Caplan:

…and Amir Netz:

I also had the honour to be interviewed by him at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit this week and we discussed this topic too, although I would like to stress that unlike Amir and Josh I have absolutely no influence on the decisions made in this area; in any case, my opinions on this topic might surprise some of you.

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