Analysis Services Query Analyzer

Last week a new, free tool for analysing the performance of MDX queries on SSAS Multidimensional was released: Analysis Services Query Analyzer. You can get all the details and download it here:

…and here’s a post on LinkedIn by one of the authors, Francesco De Chirico, explaining why he decided to build it:

I’ve played around with it a bit and I’m very impressed – it’s a really sophisticated and powerful tool, and one I’m going to spend some time learning because I’m sure it will be very useful to me. It’s an AddIn for SQL Server Management Studio and captures Profiler and Perfmon data for an MDX query when you run it, does so for a cold and warm cache, and then displays the results in a variety of graphs and charts. And it even has an MDX formatter built in!




You can find a full list of features here, and when you download the tool it comes with very detailed documentation. Definitely a must-have for all serious SSAS Multidimensional developers.

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    • Hi Ibrahim,
      in the ASQA documentation (paragraph 1.4), Alberto and I explain why we decided not to support DAX queries (at least in this first version of ASQA). However, if we will receive a significant number of requests for this feature, we may consider the possibility of undertaking this new challenge as well.

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  3. Hi Chris
    I am getting an error that saying MDX cue not found. Look over not seeing anywhere gives me a change connection option, Do you know how to fix it?

    • Hi Kate,
      could you kindly report the problem with more details to the ASQA support email address ( or in the issues page of the ASQA Github project repository (
      We will take care of the problem as soon as possible
      Anyway, regarding the connection, ASQA MDX editor window has the same menu options of a standard SSMS MDX editor window plus the specific ASQA features. Hence you can change connection in the same way you do it in the standard SSMS MDX editor window (right click –> Connection –> Change Connection)
      Thank you


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