SSAS on Windows Azure Virtual Machines

You may have already seen the announcement about Windows Azure Virtual Machines today; what isn’t immediately clear (thanks to Teo Lachev for the link) is that Analysis Services 2012 Multidimensional and Reporting Services are installed on the new SQL Server images. For more details, see:

SSAS 2012 Tabular is also supported but not initially installed.

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  1. Chris, dou zou have anz information about if and when SSAS is going to be a part of SQL Azure? It has been long enough in the roadmap but nothing yet.

    • That’s a good question. I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, and I’m not sure what I can say publicly either. Probably the only thing to point out is that since you can upload PowerPivot workbooks to Office 365 and interact with them, there must be some kind of cloud-based SSAS (in PowerPivot mode) behind this.

      Let me get back to you…

  2. Interesting… the MSDN docs say that Tabular isn’t installed but you are allowed to install it (use the copy of the install media saved to VHD) – *but* no license key is provided. So you’re basically going to get the eval version, so better hope that your IaaS VM isn’t meant to stand for longer than that period of time!

  3. If you’re looking for SQL Server Analysis Services on SQL Azure you should check out Saasabi. We offer an OLAP engine that’s native to SQL Azure on a pay-by-the-month basis and you’d be welcome to a free trial:

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