Analysis Services

Don’t say Vertipaq, say xVelocity!

Something that got a bit of attention last week on Twitter, but which may not have filtered through into the wider SSAS community yet, is the fact that Microsoft has renamed the Vertipaq engine that’s inside PowerPivot and Analysis Services 2012 Tabular. It’s now called “the xVelocity in-memory analytics engine”, and the term “xVelocity” is also going to be used to refer to the column store index feature in the SQL Server 2012 relational database. For more details see the official announcements:

Personally I liked the old Vertipaq name and as I said recently, I think these umbrella marketing terms that refer to lots of different things cause confusion. But it’s only a name so there’s nothing much to get upset about – just don’t say Vertipaq any more, say xVelocity.