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PowerPivot Videos from SQL Server Day 2010

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at SQL Server Day 2010 in Belgium (I had a nightmare getting there and back because of the snow, but that’s another story). I’ve just seen that all the videos from the event are now available to view online and download here:

Both the sessions I gave are up: “Implementing Common Business Calculations in DAX” and “Comparing Analysis Services with PowerPivot”.

On a related note, we’ve aggregated all the content we’ve got for every single SQLBits on a new page on the SQLBits site:
As far as I can see there are 152 videos on there alone!

4 thoughts on “PowerPivot Videos from SQL Server Day 2010

  1. Hey Chris,

    I think everyone was having trouble getting to SQL Server Day. But it’s true that your situation was very likely the worst out of everyone who made it there.
    (Chris was planning to take the train back to his home country but it got canceled, forcing him to stay the night in Belgium.)

    Thanks again for all that effort, and hopefully until later this year for the next installment! 🙂

    Best regards,

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