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SSAS2008 and Kerberos

Kerberos is notoriously difficult to set up – it’s something I’ve always left to someone else to do! Anyway, I’ve just come across a very detailed white paper from Boyan Penev and Mark Dasco about setting up Kerberos for Microsoft BI which I thought was worth linking to for future reference:

However, I’ve heard from a number of sources (Dr John Tunnicliffe; Dan English) recently about problems with getting Kerberos to work with Windows 2008 Server or Vista, and this post from John Desch at MS confirms the bug – worse, it doesn’t seem to be fixed in SP1 (which got released this week):

One to watch out for…

2 thoughts on “SSAS2008 and Kerberos

  1. "worse, it doesn’t seem to be fixed in SP1"Unfortunately, it\’s a bug in Windows Kerberos so SQL 2008 SP1 can\’t do anything to help. The expectation is that there will be a Windows patch for it soon after SP2 of Windows 208 is released.The blog points to some workarounds in the meantime…Thanks,Akshai

  2. I have run into this bug with three separate accounts. It is a windows 2008 server bug that has not been resolved. In all cases, the only "solution" was to go back to Windows Server 2003. I\’m hoping that there will soon be a fix.

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