No BI Conference this year

Something else I’m a bit late on, having been away on holiday this week, is the announcement that there won’t be a Microsoft BI Conference this year:

Apparently the same customers who told Microsoft to kill PerformancePoint planning have also been saying that they should only hold the BI Conference every other year. As an aside, did these marketing people ever get told on their MBAs not to treat their customers like idiots? Is there anyone out there that still falls for that ‘our customers have told us’ line? Surely the whole point of blogging – even when it’s done by a marketing person – is that it’s meant to be (or should appear to be) an honest, person-to-person type of communication and doesn’t work when you simply reuse the same content you would have stuck in a press release?

Anyway, while I agree with many of the points Marco makes about a separate BI Conference being necessary, it makes my life easier in a way – it means I no longer have to make a decision about whether to attend the PASS Summit or the BI Conference.  PASS is the conference to attend and will have extra BI content; I’ve already submitted one abstract and will think of some more potential topics to talk about (any suggestions?), so with a bit of luck I’ll see you there.

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