PASS European Conference 2009 and Analysis Services Monitoring

Last November, at the PASS Summit in Seattle, I presented a session on building a monitoring solution for Analysis Services, Integration Services and Reporting Services which seemed to go down pretty well. I was lucky in that the SQLCat team presented a very similar session, although just covering Analysis Services, the next day – so at least I got to present first! Anyway, I see that they’ve just got round to publishing their material on this subject here:

Meanwhile, I’ll be working on expanding my material (which was a bit rough-and-ready) into a full day pre-conference seminar which I’ll be presenting with Allan Mitchell at the PASS European Conference, on April 22nd-24th in Neuss in Germany:

Allan, being the SSIS expert, will be covering that side of things and rewriting my packages so they’re rather more robust; that will allow me to concentrate on the SSAS/SSRS side of things, which I know better. We have a vague plan to release all of our code on Codeplex or somewhere similar; I know a lot of people are also interested in this area.

With a bit of luck I’ll also be speaking at the main conference, but I don’t think the full agenda hasn’t been decided yet. I had a good time there last year and hopefully I’ll see some of you there this year too!

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  1. I don\’t think so, especially with preconfs – with a recording you remove the need for someone to pay to actually attend the conference! However we are planning to record and in some cases stream live some of the sessions from the next SQLBits:

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