More on Oracle 11g and MDX

Following on from reports last year that Simba Technologies had built a 2005-flavour OLEDB for OLAP provider for Oracle’s OLAP option, here are some more details:
and here’s a slide deck on it:

One other interesting point made on their slides is that they’re planning to do the same thing for Cognos and SAP/Business Objects too.

2 thoughts on “More on Oracle 11g and MDX

  1. I found at least one mistake in their presentation. At slide 31 it says: "We know MDX better than anyone". Clearly this is overstatement. For the Cognos and SAP/BO connection on slide 35 – I think this is about client side, not server side, i.e. they got Excel working through their ODBO provider, and now they will try other clients.

  2. Yes, I agree it looks like the Cognos and SAP/BusObj support will be through the client side – in the same way as their Oracle support relies on translating MDX to SQL for Oracle.

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