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Dave Wickert of Microsoft has asked me to relay the following message about a new version of ascmd he’s working on:

“In preparation of SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services RTM’ing, I am starting a small beta program for the next version of ‘ascmd’. This version will have two important new features:

1)      Built and verified against Analysis Services 2008 – but also directly compatible with AS2K5 – thus I need both AS2K8 and AS2K5 participates.

2)      New multi-user capabilities – the Microsoft SQLCAT team uses ascmd as the multi-user load facility for its Analysis Services benchmarks. Ever want to load up a few hundred users against a SSAS server? We are going to be retrofitting those capabilities (plus a few others) back into the released version of ascmd.


I am looking for users to test out this new version: 1) to, at least, slipstream this version into their current use to see if we’ve broken anything (we don’t think so, but we want to fix anything if we did), and 2) test out the new features if you can.


We are also actively soliciting new features and improvements for ascmd at this time – if we can sneak them in, we will.


The “readme” for the current version of ascmd is located here:


If you are an avid user of ascmd and would like to be included in this beta, please contact me directly (”

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