Second Blog Birthday

Today is my blog’s second birthday; two years is pretty ancient in blog years I think. Thanks everyone for sticking with me this long!

Professionally, this year has seen a lot of changes for me: I’ve left the world of permie work and set up my own company, been made an MVP and seen my name on the front cover of a book for the first time. Working as a freelancer has certainly provided me with a lot of good material for this blog (watch out for some interesting stuff on cache warming and query parallelism in the next few weeks) even if it’s meant I’ve had much less time to write it up; the blog has, in turn, proved to be a good source of advertising for my consultancy work. I’m really enjoying myself at the moment – I hope 2007 is as good as 2006 has been.

Resolutions for next year:

  • Post more on the Analysis Services MSDN Forum and microsoft.public.sqlserver.olap. I’ve been a bit slack over the last few months.
  • Get myself some of these new BI certifications that have come out.
  • Stretch myself more, technically. It’s too easy to stick around in my Analysis Services comfort zone. I need to improve my SSIS and C# skills for instance.
  • Get into PerformancePoint.
  • Lose weight. I was with a customer a few weeks ago and one of the guys there remarked that I looked older and fatter than I did in the picture on my blog (what Jon calls my ‘BI in the Jungle’ picture), although I looked thinner than the last time he’d seen me earlier in the year. Hmm, this is the result of working from home and not getting enough exercise.
  • Keep having fun…

2 thoughts on “Second Blog Birthday

  1. Hi Chris, congrats on the two years, and on the business. I decided to take the plunge in the end, and I\’m going independent at the end of February, hopefully as you say it\’ll be a good move all round.All the best for 2007, good luck with the diet and healthy living as well … for me, that\’s always the hardest resolution to keep, all the technology stuff is a doddle in comparison ;-)cheersMark

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