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Good article on Microsoft’s BI strategy

…from Douglas McDowell, a colleague at Solid Quality Learning and someone who really knows his stuff:
Part 1 is noteworthy in that it’s the first time I’ve seen anyone write about what has been an open secret in the Microsoft BI community for some time – that MS are about to launch their own financial planning app.

One thought on “Good article on Microsoft’s BI strategy

  1. Interesting to note that BI is mentioned in the list of areas targeted for aggressive new investment by Microsoft – news of which has really roiled the market today:

    Microsoft Corp plans to invest heavily, much more than analysts were expecting, in about a dozen areas where it is not market leader, in order to grow share, causing its profits to likely come in below current expectations.

    The company said it will pump cash into marketing, R&D and hiring in areas such as services, gaming, business intelligence, online services, high-performance computing, security, communications, VoIP, mobile, and IP television.


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