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MDX Scripts article

I didn’t realise this was freely available until just now, but here’s an article I wrote for the April edition of ‘SQL Server Professional’ on MDX Scripts:
It’s adapted from the chapter I wrote on the same subject for ‘MDX Solutions’, although the big difference is that for this article I used Adventure Works for my demos whereas in the book I used a cube I built specifically for the purpose.

3 thoughts on “MDX Scripts article

  1. I wish someone would tackle the subject of calculations in the multi hierarchy world of the UDM. Ie. how do you handle calculations consistently across all hierarchies in a dimension (especially time/date).

  2. I beleive that making calculations work in multi hierarchy world of UDM is simpler than it seems, when the attribute relationships are defined correctly. For example, instead of doing ParallelPeriod over YMD hierarchy and watching it not working in YQW hierarchy, it is much simpler to define Year.PrevMember on the Year attribute hierarchy…

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