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The cost of Oracle BI

I’m a big fan of Mark Rittman’s blog on Oracle BI, so hopefully he’ll forgive me for highlighting this interesting (from a MS point of view) nugget in his most recent posting regarding the Oracle BI Suite:
One note of caution though is over price – from speaking to people, the per-CPU license fee for the whole BI Enterprise Edition stack, including the analytic server (which could remove the need for an Oracle database + OLAP Option), Answers, Delivers, Dashboards and so on, is an eye-watering $225k per CPU. Wow.
(see http://www.rittman.net/archives/2006/04/tuesday_and_wednesday_at_colla.html for the whole thing). However much Microsoft end up charging for the Proclarity software they’ve just bought, if as a customer you go with the Microsoft BI stack you are not going to pay anywhere near the price that Mark quotes for equivalent functionality.

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