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Local Cubes and .NET 2.0

Here’s a little nugget of information I thought I’d post here for future reference: if you want to create local cubes direct from relational sources in AS2005 you need to have .NET 2.0 installed on your machine, although you don’t need to if you’re creating your local cubes from server cubes. I’m sure someone will find this useful… thanks to Siva for letting me know about this.

5 thoughts on “Local Cubes and .NET 2.0

  1. What, build local cubes direct from relational sources? No, I\’m afraid not – I don\’t think it\’s documented anywhere, and I\’d need a bit of R&D time to work out how to do it if I was doing it myself. I guess what you\’ll need to do is get the XML cube definition of a server cube built from the same source, then look at the XML to build a local cube from that server cube (which you can get by running a Profiler trace and executing a CREATE GLOBAL CUBE statement) and then try and merge the two together…

  2. Chris,

    The company I work for currently creates local cubes directly from a relational source using PTS and CREATE CUBE, but didn\’t think it would be possible with AS2005. 
    You mentioned that Siva gave you this information.  One might assume that he would know how to create local cubes from a relational source under AS2005.  Is there any way you could find out from him and post the information?  Or provide contact information so he could be asked directly?
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Keith,
    Siva works in the test team at Microsoft; from the context of the email he sent, I don\’t think he has direct experience of creating local cubes from a relational source. The only person I know of who has had much experience of local cubes in AS2005 is Tim Peterson of (he is the local cube guru) you might want to contact him to see if he can help.

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