I’m an MVP!!!

I found out earlier this week but I thought I’d mention it here. Obviously I am very chuffed indeed. Time for a tearful Oscars-style acceptance speech: I’d like to thank everyone out there who has helped me over the years, whether at work, on the newsgroups or on this blog… (sniff)… I love you all!

9 thoughts on “I’m an MVP!!!

  1. Congratulations Chris! Great to see Brit BI bloggers (you, Simon, Jamie) figuring heavily in the latest round/s of MVPs.
    Thankfully you kept your acceptance speech short otherwise the organisers would have had to subtly drown your words out with a large orchestra.

  2. Congratulations Chris!  You don\’t know me – but I know you from following the newsgroups.  I think this was long overdue for you. Your writeups have been helpful to us.
    Hope to read more AS related writeups from you.

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