I was having a look (for no good reason) at the Free Patents Online site at and while I was there, I remembered the photo on the OLAP Report website (at if you have a subscription) of the big pile of cube/nick-nacks, each one representing a patent, that is to be found in Amir Netz’s office. So I thought I’d have a look and see just what the content of these patents was to see if they were interesting. Who better to start with but our man Mosha? Here are the results a search on his surname brings up. Hmm, if you can wade through the reams of legalese there are some insights into how AS2005 might work (assuming that it does work according to the patent) but a lot of it is statin’ the bleedin’ obvious.
I can’t mention OLAP patents without the infamous Timeline – read this thread for an idea of what they’re about. Memo to self: remember to patent the wheel at some point over the weekend.

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