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Scorecard and Office BI webcasts

There’s a whole bunch of new webcasts available which look like they were recorded at a partner airlift for Office Business Scorecard Manager. They are:
I’ve only watched the last one (hey, I have work to do you know!) but it’s very interesting – not just from a Scorecards point of view, but as the title suggests it’s more about the general direction of Microsoft’s Office BI strategy. The speakers spend a lot of time talking about how BI will be one of the big themes of Office 12 (Excel and Sharepoint) although they don’t go into too much detail – it sounds like the functionality that was in the Excel addin and maybe some of what was in Data Analyzer (RIP) will become native to Excel 12. To be honest the fact that there is a stated Office BI strategy is heartening news to those of us who have watched this area over the last few years. It does seem like there will be some half-decent functionality in Excel at last, and maybe by the time Office 13 comes along a good – if basic – 100% Microsoft BI platform will be in place.
Even more webcasts are now available:

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