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Although this has been around for a while, I thought I’d write a quick post about the BI Best Practices Blog in case some of you haven’t seen it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have been updated since last summer but there are plenty of interesting articles on there (including a few that I wrote when I was at Microsoft – look in the MDX category).

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  1. Hi Chris, I couldn\’t find a way to email you directly so please excuse the off-topic comment. I am creating a new website called BI Blogs ( to try to bring BI/Data Warehousing information from across the web into one feed. For more information on why and how I\’m doing this check out I\’ve gathered several feeds that I\’ve been able to find on my own and I\’ve put the site up in a beta mode. I\’m now circling back with the authors of these feeds to make sure it\’s OK that I\’m using their content. So if you will, please check out the site, and let me know if it\’s OK for me to continue to aggregate content from your site. You will see that I am being very clear about the intent of the site and fully attributing each post up front. Also, any feedback you have about the site itself is more than welcome.Thanks,Scott Mitchell

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