New formatting functionality in Yukon

Anyone who has looked at the AdventureWorks sample cube will probably have picked up by now that all the intrinsic member properties like FORMAT_STRING can now be defined with an MDX expression (in AS2K it was only FORE_COLOR and BACK_COLOR that you could do this with), but something else caught my eye today when I was looking at the tutorials in BOL: there are new MDX statements which allow you to set these properties on any area within a cube from a script. So you can now do things like:
…to give everything in the current subcube a red background, or this:
…to change the format of everything in the current subcube. I would imagine that FORE_COLOR, FONT_SIZE, FONT_FLAGS and FONT_NAME also exist although I’ve not had a chance to see whether they do indeed work. This makes it much easier to do funky traffic-light analysis-type stuff compared to having to set the property on a per-member basis.


One thought on “New formatting functionality in Yukon

  1. Indeed all the calculation properties you mentioned can be referenced using this new syntax (don\’t you remember – I demo\’ed it during Yukon Tech Preview when you were in Microsoft :), as well as new calculation properties such as Language etc. The limitations are that assignments to calculation properties cannot be used inside IF statement, and you also cannot really FREEZE those properties.Strictly speaking, though, it is simple a syntactical sugar, since much of this functionality was possible in AS2K as well, by using CREATE CELL CALCULATION and putting CalculationPassValue(Measures.CurrentMember.Value,-1,RELATIVE) as an expression, and then doing real stuff inside BACK_COLOR.

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