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Smart Tags and Actions

I was thinking about the similarities between smart tags and actions the other day, and had the following idea – wouldn’t it be cool if there was a smart tag which made all your cube, dimension, level and member-based actions available outside the OLAP environment? If you’ve defined an action on your cube which allows you to do something like click on a customer name and then see that customer’s details in your CRM system, it seems a shame that you can only do this in an AS client that supports actions. You’d want to be able to do this whenever you typed that customer’s name in a Office document wouldn’t you? And if you had an action which returned a resultset you could get the smart tag to embed that directly in the document, say as a table in Word. The possibilities are endless!

I guess what you’d have to do is write a smart tag dll… maybe something to try when I’m less busy…

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