Analysing Audience Reaction To The PASS Summit 2015 Keynote

If my post from a few weeks back asking for help with my session at PASS piqued your interest, I’m pleased to say that you can now watch the recording of my session “Analysing Audience Reaction To The PASS Summit 2015 Keynote” online here:

Despite having only 24 hours to prepare all my demos after collecting the data I think it went pretty well. The data from Bing Pulse was particularly interesting: I had around 30-35 people providing regular feedback throughout the keynote and there were some obvious peaks and troughs, as you can see from this graph:


Audience satisfaction was a little flat for the first half hour and then rose noticeably when the content became more technical and the demos started. Both the SQL Server R Services and Stretch Database demos were the high points as far as my panel were concerned; the lowest point came when there was mild outrage at the use of Profiler in a demo.

Thanks once again to everyone who helped me out!

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