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Charticulator And Power BI Custom Visuals

I’ve just come across an interesting new project from Microsoft Research called Charticulator.  It’s described as a tool for the “Interactive Construction of Bespoke Chart Layouts”, and you can use it for creating some very nice data visualisations like this:

Global Trade of Natural Resources in 2016

So I had a play with it, was quite impressed, and then I watched the video on the home page and noticed that towards the end (watch from 3:55 onwards) there’s a demo of how the charts you create in it can be exported as Power BI custom visuals! No code required!

After that I was a lot more than quite impressed – this looks really useful. Unfortunately the feature is not released yet, although according to one of the creators it will be coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Charticulator And Power BI Custom Visuals

  1. From their paper: “We are presently collaborating with Power BI to deploy Charticulator as a publicly available custom visual designer. In conjunction with this deployment, they also intend to host user
    community events such as a custom visual design competition.”

  2. This is really neat – I’m hoping it gets some traction and can support some higher-level functions in the future like hierarchical data relationships. Awesome start however, great stuff!

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