BI Survey 18

It’s that time again: the BI Survey (the world’s largest survey of BI tools and users) needs your input. Here’s the link to take part:


As a reward for participating you’ll get a summary of the results and be entered into a draw for some Amazon vouchers. As a reward for plugging the BI Survey here I get to see the full results and blog about them later on in the year, and the results are always fascinating. Last year Power BI was breathing down the necks of more established vendors like Tableau and Qlik; this year I expect Power BI to be in an even stronger position.

One thought on “BI Survey 18

  1. Too bad you can only comment on one product. At my current client, we use SSRS in combination with Power BI (so PBI Report Server). SSRS is widely used in the organization, but Power BI is getting implemented for the more interactive analysis and for dashboards. In the survey though, I could only talk about SSRS, so it’s as if Power BI wasn’t a good option. It is.

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