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Character Escape Sequences In M

When you’re working with M code in Power BI or Power Query/Get&Transform you may want to include special characters such as carriage returns, line feeds or tabs inside a text value. To do this you’ll need to use character escape sequences inside your text. Information on this topic is buried in the Power Query Formula Language Specification document that can be downloaded here, but since that’s not an easy read I thought I’d write a quick post repeating the information in there with a few examples.

The escape sequence for a tab character is #(tab), the escape sequence for a carriage return is #(cr) and the escape sequence for a line feed is #(lf). You can combine multiple special characters inside the same escape sequence too, so #(cr,lf) is equivalent to #(cr)#(lf). So, for example, following M code:

"A tab:#(tab), a carriage return and a line feed #(cr,lf) and stop"

…used as a query and entered as follows in the Advanced Editor:

…returns this output:

[Interestingly, in the formula bar, the value #(cr,lf) is displayed as #(cr)#(lf) although that’s not what I wrote in the Advanced Editor]

To use the two character sequence #( in your text you’ll need to escape those values; if you don’t, you’ll get an error. For example the following M code:

"This causes an error #("

Gives an “Invalid literal” error:

Whereas this works:

"This does not error #(#)("

Finally, this can be used to return any Unicode character in your text by putting either the four-digit or eight-digit hex code of the Unicode character in between the brackets. For example this expression returns the Unicode character with the four-digit hex code 2605, which is a star:

"This is a star #(2605)"

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  1. Thanks a lot, but when I user this in conjunction with Web.Contents Query, Power BI replaces it with escape sequence. E.g., when I write #(0025) to generate a simple %, it is converted to %25, causing content load to fail. How can I fix this?

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