Microsoft Data Insights Summit Videos Published

The Microsoft Data Insights Summit finished today, and the videos of the sessions have already (!!) been published online here:

I can’t remember ever attending a conference where there was so much new functionality revealed. I’m not talking about things like Power BI Premium – that’s last month’s news – I’m talking about lots and lots of really cool new features that I had not seen before, so many that I feel completely overwhelmed by them all. There are a few blog posts out there that try to summarise the announcements (apart from the post on the official Power BI blog, check out Matt Allington and Dustin Ryan’s posts) but really your only option is to watch as many of the session videos as you can! I thought I would call out some videos about the new features for you to start off with:

  • The keynote on the first day was pretty amazing (Amir Netz’s demo should be watched in full) with some highlights being:
  • The session on the Visio custom visual for Power BI had a lot of detail on how Visio/Power BI integration will work, and was very impressive. You can sign up for the preview here.
  • Power BI/PowerApps/Flow integration, with Power BI content appearing in Power Apps and vice versa is something I am going to watch with interest.
  • One major announcement (at least for me) that slipped out in the session on the Common Data Model is that there’s going to be a standalone, SaaS version of Power Query available that will be able to load data into the Common Data Model
  • Matt Masson’s session has a lot of information on building custom data connectors as well as the announcement that M is officially called M!
  • Azure Analysis Services will soon have a much better web interface that will allow you to create simple models, and also to import models from Power BI .pbix files. Christian Wade’s session on Azure Analysis Services also has a great extended demo showing off new SSAS Tabular features, including one showing using BISM Normalizer to merge parts of a mode in a .pbix file into a Tabular model.

This is by no means comprehensive. I haven’t been able to watch all the videos yet either, so there may be other important new features in other sessions that I completely missed.

Last of all, although they don’t contain any new announcements, you can also watch my two M-themed sessions from the conference: Working With Parameters And Functions and Working With Web Services in Power BI/Power Query/Excel Get&Transform.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    What are your thoughts on the future of SSAS Tabular (maybe even SSAS in general) and how it fits into the Power BI world.


    • That’s a big question! I think Tabular has a very important role to play in the world of Power BI as a scale-up solution for organisations who have the resources to use it effectively.

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  3. You deserve the recognition Chris. I’d never be at the stage I am at without reading your power query book to get my head round M / query code. Keep on trail blazing!

  4. Hi Chris,
    Just watched your session on Parameters, Great session! I have a quick question. Is it possible to pass multiple values using a parameter? I see parameters are always ‘single select’. These will be typically useful in passing multiple values to sql where clauses.


  5. @Akhil
    1 Create a Table with possible values For example lets say Region – North,South, East, West
    2. Build a Pivot Table On it. Choose Tabular Layout with no grand totals
    3. Insert a Slicer on that colum
    4. Cut the Slicker put it on the sheet where you want the user to multiselect
    5. Do a Inner Join between this Single Column Table and the Fact table on the Column Region
    6. Use the PivotTable Update event to automate the refresh

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