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SSAS Documentation With Squarehouse Commentary

A few months ago I found out about a new tool for managing and viewing Analysis Services Multidimensional documentation called Squarehouse Commentary. I’ve now had the chance to play around with it and talk to the company that makes it and I have to say I’m impressed: in my opinion it’s by far the best tool of its type that I’ve seen. Rather than generating a large pile of documentation that no-one will read and which will get left, forgotten on a fileshare or a SharePoint site, it allows you to synch the descriptions created in its own web application with the description properties in your SSAS cubes and dimensions. It also automatically generates actions so that end users can easily view rich web-based documentation for hierarchies and measures direct from whatever client tool they are using in a few clicks.

This video does a good job of showing off the main features:

Overall, definitely something to check out. It doesn’t support Tabular models yet, but I’m told that this is in the planning stages.

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