SSAS Multidimensional Cube Design Video Training

I’ve been teaching my SSAS Cube Design training course for several years now (there are still a few places free for the London course next month if you’re interested) and I have now recorded a video training version of it for Project Botticelli.

The main page for the course is here:

There’s also a free, short video on using the SSAS Deployment Wizard that you can see here:


If you register before the end of March using the code TECHNITRAIN2015MARCH you’ll get a 15% discount.

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    • Chris, I just read your post from 2010 ranting about Microsoft’s emphasis on BISM over MOLAP. I’ve recently been asked whether Microsoft is going to deprecate MOLAP. What are your thoughts on that now? Do you have a more recent blog post on the topic?

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