News On SSAS Data Source Support In Power BI

Yesterday we heard (again) that SSAS will be supported as a data source for cloud-based reports in Power BI. Today, in a session, two new important details on this emerged:

  • It will work with both Tabular and Multidimensional
  • It will connect as the user running the query, so SSAS security (eg dimension security) will work just the same as it does on-premises. No special setup will be needed; there were no details apart from the fact it will work using the EffectiveUserName connection string property.

I’m sure a lot of people will be interested to hear this…

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  1. This is interesting news indeed. I am wondering if it will allow drill through to be limited via the SSAS security model and would be equally interested to see if they are planning on supporting data drilltthrough to line level.

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  4. Nice. We use Tableau Online as our portal for users, Tableau for power users, and Excel/SSAS for power users too.

    We can only use SQL Server (a historical flash point) for Tableau Online since we can’t get a direct connection. We have no option to export an ssas extract for Tableau. If Tableau could connect to SSAS on premise, that would be so awesome 🙂

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