“Expert Cube Development” Second Edition Available Soon!

Within a matter of days, “Expert Cube Development with SSAS 2012 Multidimensional Models” will be published. It’s the second edition of the very successful (19 5* reviews on Amazon US as of now) book on SSAS cube development that Marco, Alberto and I wrote a few years ago, updated for SSAS 2012.


You can pre-order it now from the Packt website, Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Before you rush off to order a copy, there are a three things I’d like to point out:

  1. This is basically the same book as the first edition with updated screenshots, a few bugs fixed, and several sections updated/expanded for SSAS 2012. There are no substantial changes. If you already have a copy of the first edition it’s probably not worth buying a copy of the second edition.
  2. The book only covers SSAS Multidimensional models, it does not cover SSAS Tabular models.
  3. This is not a basic introduction to building SSAS cubes – it’s aimed at intermediate-level SSAS developers who are already familiar with cubes, dimensions and MDX and who want to learn about best practices, design patterns, performance tuning and (most importantly) which features work well and which ones don’t. If you like the material I post here on my blog, you’ll probably like the book.

If you’re OK with that then by all means, go ahead and get your wallet out!

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  2. Chris – you guys should really consider doing an equivalent text for tabular (perhaps you’ve already considered this and are simply waiting for BISM tabular to mature a bit)

    • Hi Bill, it’s an idea, but it’s probably something that Marco and Alberto will do on their own. I’m planning to concentrate more on Power BI in general and Power Query in particular in the near future.

  3. Appreciate the honesty in saying that “if you have the old book, don’t buy the new one.” I’ll end up buying it anyway because my copy of the old book is with a dev who since left the company!

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