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My Power BI Competition Entry

So the Power BI competition has entered the shameless self-promotion public voting round and I would like to direction your attention to my entry, which can be found here. Please follow the link and vote for me! Your support is much appreciated.

In the video I take a look at road traffic accident open data released by the UK government and answer questions such as:

  • Are British roads getting safer or more dangerous?
  • Which days of the week do most accidents occur on?
  • Which age groups are most likely to be involved in accidents?
  • Which is the most dangerous section of the M4 motorway? (Spoiler: avoid Port Talbot when visiting South Wales)

The video itself is more thrill-packed than Star Wars, more epic than the Lord of the Rings trilogy and more intellectual than any film Ingmar Bergman ever made. It is guaranteed to win several Oscars and recommended viewing for the whole family.

Here are some screenshots to whet your appetite:


There are plenty of other very impressive entries that deserve to be seen, so head over to www.powerbicontest.com to take a look. 

Incidentally, if you’re planning to attend the PASS BA Conference this year you can get a $150 discount by using the discount code:

And if you can’t make it to the conference but do want to learn more about Microsoft’s self-service BI stack, check out my Power BI and Power Pivot courses in London this March.

8 thoughts on “My Power BI Competition Entry

  1. Jesús López (SYNTAX) – Madrid – I'm a CIO in SYNTAX a Microsoft Partner in Spain with competencies in Business Intelligence, Portals & Collaboration, Digital Marketing, and Cloud Productivity.
    Jesús López (SYNTAX) says:

    Hi Chiris, how conditional format hidden values in “Witch Days of the Weeks …”?, thanks and excellent video for win the conquest.

  2. Your video is fantastic and a very impressive use of Power Map. It’s a pity that a skill-based competition is so reliant on garnering popular votes (especially since you’d have to be very dedicated to watch all 60+ entries before voting)

    1. Chris Webb – My name is Chris Webb, and I work on the Fabric CAT team at Microsoft. I blog about Power BI, Power Query, SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure Analysis Services and Excel.
      Chris Webb says:

      Thanks Leonard. I enjoyed your entry too! I agree it’s a shame the competition goes to the vote but I can understand why – it’s all about getting as much publicity for Power BI as possible, and the more people vote, the more people learn about Power BI.

  3. Hey Chris,

    I had no chance to view the video (or am to dumb to find it) however from the images in this post, I really like the first one (as it has a clear statement to me what it’s all about). The other two were so and so and I had to look longer on the charts to get the message. From my personal view, chart #1 is amazing because the headline classifies it all.

    Love your approach and thanks for the link back to Chandoo’s post

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