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As in previous years, in return for promoting their survey the people at BARC have given me a free copy of the latest BI Survey – always an interesting read. I saw a story in the press last week about adoption of mobile BI slowing based on research from the BI Survey, but what does it have to say about Analysis Services? To be honest, much the same as in previous years: it’s a good, cheap, reliable, mature solution. A few points that caught my eye:

  • 11% of SSAS users are still using Proclarity as their front-end. That’s down from 22% two years ago, but still… I guess that the likes of Pyramid Analytics, which specialises in Proclarity migration, will be pleased to hear that.
  • 29% of SSAS users are using Power View. That’s a big surprise for me – I haven’t seen it at any of my customers yet. Presumably this must be the Sharepoint version of Power View going against SSAS Tabular.
  • I found the ‘cost per seat’ (calculated as license fees plus external implementation cost divided by number of deployed seats) table particularly interesting: SSAS comes out with a score of $1111, about a quarter of the way from the bottom; Qliktech comes in at $1499, Tableau at $1039. In general self-service BI tools don’t appear to cost any less to implement overall than traditional corporate BI tools.
  • SSAS has a very respectable win-rate in competitive evaluations of 64%, although this is declining over time (it has to be said that almost all other large vendors are showing a decline too). Again, compare this with a win-rate of 34% for Tableau and 37% for Qliktech.
  • Sadly there’s no mention of PowerPivot anywhere. It would have been good to know how it’s doing…

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    • You can’t always trust surveys like this. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but there’s one table that shows around 4% of SSAS users claim to be using it under an open source licence!

      • Hi Chris, We met in Melbourne earlier in the year. I work with Darren Gosbell and we are rolling out SSAS and Power View on SharePoint across a large Telco. We have 1300 people currently, and rolling out to several thousand more users in the next few months.
        People are loving Power View!

  1. SSAS win rate is very impressive. No matter how good is your product, you definitely need to invest in a competent sales force 🙂

  2. Hi Chris –
    thanks for posting! Does anyone know how much is the cost per seat for Pyramid Analytics (approximate)?

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