PowerPivot Training in London (and elsewhere)

As you’re probably aware by now, PowerPivot and DAX are important parts of the Microsoft BI story going forward – self-service BI is the big new thing, while on the corporate side BISM will use DAX as its calculation language and BISM models will essentially be PowerPivot models. So it makes sense to learn PowerPivot and DAX as soon as possible to get a head start, right?

While that thought’s in your head, I’m pleased to mention that I’m helping Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari (authors of the excellent book “PowerPivot for Excel 2010”) organise the London leg of their European PowerPivot training tour. Marco has more details on the course on his blog here, and you can find the course website here:

Whether you’re a BI professional or an Excel power user, I think this represents an excellent opportunity to get training from acknowledged PowerPivot gurus. I’ll be there in the audience!

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