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Fourth Blog Birthday

For the second year running I’m late celebrating my blog birthday (it was yesterday); my only excuse is that I’m still reeling from the amount I’ve eaten over the last two weeks. But four years of blogging… wow… it feels like ages.

And to a certain extent I feel that, after all this time, I’m running out of things to say here. The actual writing of blog entries isn’t a problem, it’s more the problem of having something to write about. Part of the problem is me: I don’t want to write about things I don’t find interesting so I haven’t gone down the route of turning the blog into a MDX tutorial (Bill Pearson does that much better than I ever could, and only Mosha could ever cover the advanced stuff properly), but at the same time I’m not coming across so many MDX/SSAS issues or obscure features as I used to. Part of the problem is, too, that SSAS2008 was so light on new features that it didn’t provide me with much new to write about. So I’m hoping that Gemini, Kilimanjaro, Excel 14, Azure etc will give me something to get my teeth into in 2009; I’m sure they will. If not, well, I’ve always wanted to spend some time getting into Mondrian and other open source BI technologies. And with the economy the way it is I suppose I’ll have a lot more spare time for learning new stuff in the coming twelve months…

But anyway, bear with me and keep reading! For those of you who have stuck with me for the last four years, thanks, and best wishes for 2009.

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