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Azure and Analysis Services in the cloud

Hmm, I’m a bit late on this but it seems at PDC the other day buried in Bob Muglia’s keynote was the announcement that we’ll be getting a cloud-based version of Analysis Services as part of SQL Data Services. Here’s Jamie Thomson’s post on this:

Here’s the official Azure site and white paper:

UPDATE: see Mosha’s comment below – there was no announcement of cloud-based AS. Oh well… but I’ve just read about the Office-in-the-cloud announcement. I wonder if we’ll get any AS connectivity in the cloud-based Excel?

3 thoughts on “Azure and Analysis Services in the cloud

  1. Someone jumped the gun here. There was NO announcement of cloud-based version of AS during PDC keynote. What Bob said was more along the lines that in the future SQL Data Services are going to be more than just data storage, and with time more and more functionality will be added, both relational-like and BI-like.

  2. Mosha,
    I\’m at PDC and I\’ve seen a slide where Data Mining was clearly part of the SQL Services (even if it hasn\’t be announced as immediately available). No mention of OLAP services in the cloud, however.
    Are you saying that Data Mining services in the cloud are so far that it is only marketing stuff?

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