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Connection String Properties in SQLMS RC0

I heard this was going to be possible back in March, but now I’ve seen it in RC0 – you can now set connection string properties in SQL Management Studio when opening an MDX query window. Just click the new MDX query button, then click Options and you’ll see a third tab:


Although it’s much less common to need to set connection string properties, there are still a few scenarios where it’s useful. One example is the ‘Cube’ connection string property, which allows you to write session scoped script assignments in the way Mosha does here:

Another good example is when you’re using the Roles or EffectiveUserName properties to test out how queries behave with security.

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  1. Hello Chris,I don\’t know how to contact you so trying this route. Could you please have a look at the issue I am facing in AS2005 aggregate() function. I have recreated the problem using AdventureWorks as well as FoodMart 2000 cube so that you can look at the issue directly at your end.Thanks a lot for your help.Regards,Ajit.

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