IBM Cubing Services and MDX support

Via Amyn Rajan of Simba Technologies, I see that IBM’s Cubing Services OLAP tool now supports OLEDB for OLAP:

Another boost for the MDX language then! It’s the lure of Excel compatibility that is driving all this of course, but it also opens the way for other MDX-friendly client tools as well.

Meanwhile MDX support is also proceeding in other, less direct ways. I mentioned before here that I hoped some of the new breed of data warehouse appliance vendors would start to support MDX as well and in a way it’s starting to happen: Vertica and Pentaho announced a partnership a few months back and I’ve already heard of one instance of a company using Mondrian on top of Vertica. Hopefully other vendors will begin to realise that raw query performance is not much use unless matched with a language that allows you to easily express the queries and calculations you need.

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