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There will be a SQL2005 SP3!

A triumph for people power! Microsoft have announced that there will be a SP3 for SQL2005 and it will be delivered this calendar year. More details here:
There’s also been yet another cumulative update released, CU7:
UPDATE: there’s a blog entry from the guys in PSS on how CU7 changes what happens when backups and processing overlap, here:

2 thoughts on “There will be a SQL2005 SP3!

  1. One thing to add is that I was told that MS found a small issue in regression testing with CU 7. Basically a big query could end prematurely if you were to start or stop a profiler trace at the same time. Obviously the chance of that happening is probably slim, biut nonetheless.

  2. Hi,
    There is a big issues about CU7: when firstly full processing a partition and then doing an incremental process with no data (0 records) SSAS throws an error about slice error (which is false).
    If full processing with no records first, and then process incremanteally with records SSAS throws the error as well.
    It does not happen if both full and incremental processing retrieve records from data source.  

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