2nd Microsoft BI Conference dates announced

Via Ben Tamblyn, the dates for the second Microsoft BI Conference have been announced. It’s going to take place in Seattle October 6th-8th:
It’s taking place just over a month before PASS 2008 (which is being held in the same venue) so for someone like me there’s a bit of a dilemma over which to attend. I went to the BI Conference last year and enjoyed myself but it was a bit light on tehcnical content (will this be fixed this year?); PASS is likely to be a lot more techy but will probably be missing some of the BI-type content that I’m interested in such as PerformancePoint stuff. I’m sure a lot of the content, especially from MS speakers, will be duplicated across the two events though. Hmm, decisions, decisions… 

3 thoughts on “2nd Microsoft BI Conference dates announced

  1. Happy New Year Chris,
    Don\’t know what PASS 2008 will bring; but PASS 2007 in Denver had lots of PerformancePoint coverage, including a full-day pre-conference seminar. Apparently, none of the PerformancePoint sessions made it to the top 10 session list.
     – Deepak

  2. Last year I went to BI conference and same as you thought that there was not enough technical content. I did not go to SQL PASS conference but followed info on sessions and found that there were a lot (much more that I was expecting) good sessions with BI content. Based on info I have right now, I am considering SQL PASS more than BI. If Microsoft will give more info on what is going to be in MS BI, and if there will be more technical sessions, I could change my mind and book BI conferece. So yes, I agree – this is tough decision.

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