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FAST acquisition includes interesting BI extras

Interesting article by Seth Grimes in Intelligent Enterprise here:
He points out that Microsoft’s recent acquisition of FAST includes some interesting BI-related products. Having a look on their website, I found this page:
Here are some details:
FAST AIW                                                       
FAST AIW (Adaptive Information Warehouse) is an information management solution that integrates your structured, unstructured, and multi-media data to create a virtual intelligence library where any insight is a few clicks away. FAST AIW incorporates both quantitative and qualitative analytics through mining of your numeric and text data.
The FAST Database Offloading Solution liberates eBusinesses from the artificial constraints of legacy structures by offloading data from the relational database to a search index. Now you can offer the same information, but in a more meaningful and intelligent context. The FAST Database Offloading Solution provides higher performance to eBusinesses at a dramatically lower TCO.
The FAST Data Cleansing Solution provides the ability to harvest meta-information from text and use linguistics to cleanse multiple structured data repositories into a clean master index. With the FAST Data Cleansing Solution structured data from multiple repositories can be merged to create a clean master index cost-effectively in a matter of weeks.
FAST Radar is a personalized Business Intelligence solution that empowers decision makers to explore and view information that is most relevant to them in an efficient, graphically intelligent fashion. It puts the creative process back in the hands of the business user by providing a simple and effective approach to Business Intelligence exploration and monitoring, reducing process times from weeks to real-time and aggregating information from data sources that may have been previously unavailable.

I wonder if/how/when all this will get integrated in the MS BI stack?

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